Changing Primary Domain Controller FSMO Roles

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  • Schema Master
    • Register schmmgmt.dll
      • regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll
    • Add AD Schema to MMC Snap-in
    • Right-click AD Schema and select Change Domain Controller
      • Specify the DC that will be the new role holder and click OK
    • Right-click Active Directory Schema again and click Operations Master
      • Click Change and click Yes then OK and then Close

  • Domain Naming Master
    • On the server you want the role on right-click AD Domains and Trusts click Operations Master
    • Click Change, then Yes, OK and Close

  • RID, PDC Emulator, Infrastructure Master
    • On the server you want the role right-click AD Users and Computers
    • Point to All Tasks and click Operations Master
    • Click the appropriate tab for each role and click Change then Yes, OK and Close

  • Licensing Computer
    • AD Sites and Services and then click on Default-First-Site-Name and right pane Right-click Licensing Site Settings and select Properties
    • Click Change type in the new server's name, then Check name and then OK OK

  • Global Catalog
    • AD Sites and Services, Default-First-Site-Name, Servers, select the server you want to have the Catalog then Right-click NTDS Settings and select Properties
    • In the General tab place a check mark in the box next to Global Catalog and click OK
    • Uncheck the other server from having the catalog and reboot both servers.
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