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People who own the iPad mini fondly call it ‘small wonder’. And why not? Set with a Retina display, an A7 chip, interesting built-in apps, wonderful wireless connectivity options, and operating system as technologically brilliant as the iOS 7 – what less can you expect other than a small wonder in this compact pack? However, if you are a content creator yourself and are particularly into writing, it will mean that you will have a lot of typing tasks to do. And, if you aren’t too happy typing on the touch screen, creating content on the iPad mini could prove to be a challenge to you. Are you struggling in similar waters? Here’s something that can help you get over the situation…Www.Office.Com/Setup

Read on to know the three best Bluetooth keyboards that you could team up with your iPad mini and thereby bring over the same typing experience that you have so long been enjoying. These are fantastic physical keyboards that are completely in sync with the iPad mini device and therefore capable of enhancing your production and the pleasures of creating content.Www.Mcafee.Com/Activate

Zagg Folio Keyboard The first one in this collection is the Zagg Folio keyboard that can really surprise you with a host of its built in features. Backlit keyboard, easily adjustable angles, robust battery life, and a smart case that can firmly hold your iPad mini are just a few of them to name here. The spacing of the keys and the thin built of this Bluetooth-enabled keyboard make typing for the user an effortless task. Also, the durable casing in leather makes it appear very sleek and stylish. Therefore, with the Zagg Folio keyboard you can definitely increase your productivity and enjoy completing the process as well.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 If you are looking for a low-cost Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad mini, you can surely opt for this one. The Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 offers you a one-button set-up option and is easily detachable too. Yes, the USP of this iPad mini keyboard is that you can detach it completely from the case and yet use it effectively. This allows you to enjoy two benefits –firstly, you no longer have to remain glued to the screen and secondly, even while you are typing in fast, you don’t have to bother about shaking the device at all. Isn’t that impressive? In addition to the above, the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 also has a small stylus holder and multiple viewing angles in which you can place the device…

iGear Flip Turn Case As the name suggests, you can use this iPad mini keyboard and case and flip your device completely to 180 degrees and thereby enjoy all the flexibility that you want. The keys on the board are pretty well spaced out and the flipping feature enables you to only concentrate on the screen at a time when you may not require the keys. And when you need to create content, just flip over the screen and you are good to go with the keys. Although this keyboard doesn’t offer you backlit facilities, it is nonetheless a good pick for its viewing angles, its back protection feature, and surely its attractive price. Now that you have these Bluetooth-enabled keyboards to help you out with your typing tasks, working on your iPad mini should now become all the more pleasurable for you. Isn’t it? So, check these out and enhance your pleasures of using the device to create content – write e-mails, complete your blog, type in your favorite recipe and so on… Www.Avg.Com/Retail

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